Kickstarter’s project page. We are getting closer

by Carlotta, May 31, 2015


We are happy to announce that we are near to close our kickstarter project (the mybabyd app). We only need to do a few changes into the video to finally launch the kickstarter page.

At next photography you could see my son Mattia and me, being filmed. This is really really “Do it by yourself” !!!


Talking about rewards

Turning to another topic last week has been a little bit crazy. There are many things to do before, contents, videos, material, etc…  But the most enjoyable thing is to think about what rewards we must include and why to include it. After some tests with our friends, finally, we have decided to include in all the rewards (less 1 € thanks) a handmade mybabyd composition or the app itself. With this, we want to really give thank to every single contributor with an unique composition for every of them.

We know that this could be a hard job to do in case of a successfully funding, but this is the best we could do for all of our contributors.

Next steps after launching kickstater project

The next step after launching our kickstarter project is to advertise it on as many forums as we can. Normally, this kind of projects are difficult to communicate because it is difficult to imagine the final result of a mybabyd’s composition without having the final results.

For this reason, we ask to every one that could read this blog and likes the mybabyd’s creations to share it with his friends, specially if they have children. Also it is possible to collaborate clicking on the facebook like in our facebook page (  or retwitting some of our tweets (or all if you want!!) @mybabyd_social.

We will keep you informed about further avances!!!


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