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Moms to be photo idea

Moms to be photo idea

by Carlotta, September 17, 2015

Are you a future mom and looking for something original to remember one of the most incredible period of your life?

I’m super excited to introduce you our new moms to be photo idea that is totally dedicated to all the future moms that wanna be original!
New moms or of course also the ones that are repeating this wonderful experience!!!
Today is our “myMomD” birthday!
The idea is simple but I really love it:
We propose you our myBabyD with a photo of you and your “growing belly” 🙂
Of course being totally personalised and custom created and ideated each time by our artists (as the myBabyDs), it can be anything you would like best, but we are giving you some suggestions: for example in this first myMomD we introduce you we thought to an “each pregnancy month myMomD“.
What does it means?
You will have a personalised composition for every months of your pregnancy, it will be an original keepsake of the full period and with all of your belly’s size. The composition will change, introducing every month more “baby stuff things” and at the end you will have 9 composition of you and 1 with baby recent born!
This will be 10 high quality digital photos, you could keep them digital and share them or you could even print them on any kind of support you would like. I’m thinking now for example to put all of them together in a frame and create a nice composition to keep in your baby’s room!


Of course you could also have only one myMomD and use it for example to tell everybody if it’s a boy or a girl!
So… do you like our new myMomDs?

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    • fabio
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    • September 24, 2015

    Original idea!

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