personalised cake
A special occasion deserve a personalised cake

A special occasion deserve a personalised cake

by Carlotta, November 4, 2015
A couple of weeks ago we had a really big event in our family: our grandma turned 90 years old!
We organised a big lunch with all family, it wa really a great occasion also to see some of them living in other cities and that is usually difficult to keep in touch and Camilla and I where thinking in something we can do ourselves to make our grandma birthday even more special.
We usually work with babies or kids, but we already made various adults compositions so, why not start to work also with grandparents?

Camilla design a special card that we used for invitations and for the menus on the table

And then we thought to have a personalised cake… yes it looks great and ir was also such a good cake!
Mattia was the lucky one that got the piece with grandma face on it 🙂
He had lot of fun eating her …

If you have also some special occasion or event that you want to comment to us, we will be really happy to listen it or to help you with some new ideas! Just contact us or comment under this post.

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